What is SDR?

Self-Defense Reflex or SDR is the signature component of all of the programs offered through Krav Maga Israel. This innovative system designed by Grand Master Dror Shalom is based on identifying and refining the natural reflexes of the body so they can be counted on during a confrontation. Every individual has these reflexes, regardless of their age or level of physical fitness and each person’s body responds to stress in a different way. The SDR method teaches individuals to identify these natural responses, harness them and use them for self-defense.

This method does not require students to sustain a rigorous practice of physical training or to maintain a combat mentality, but it does teach individuals to be better in tune with their bodies which ultimately encourages better health practices that will allow your body to function well when it is needed. SDR is built on an adaptive curriculum that allows us to create unique, innovative programming specific to a wide range of occupational, educational and otherwise unique environments.