Health Professional SDR

The purpose of the workshop:

This training program is intended to provide healthcare personnel with the skills needed to defend themselves in the event of an altercation while at the same time protecting the well-being of patients entrusted to their care.

Hospitals have a responsibility to ensure the security of their medical staff, especially in light of increasing rates of violence toward health professionals nationwide. While the pre-eminent duty of health professionals is to provide the highest standard of care and to avoid causing harm, incidents of violence toward staff often force individuals to choose between their own safety and the safety of their patient. With this in mind, the Health Professionals Self-Defense program developed by Shalom College uses the Israeli martial arts practice of Krav Maga to teach individuals how to balance and control physical confrontations in a way that both protects the attacker and defender and ends the confrontation as quickly as possible.

Workshops for doctors, nurses and other staff members take advantage of the strategic thinking skills needed to deliver fast, effective care in the event of a medical emergency. These skills are augmented with self-defense techniques that are designed to help practitioners identify their individual strengths and natural body reflexes to the point where they can be trusted and relied upon in a confrontation.

The workshop covers:

  • Theoretical and physical self-defense techniques
  • Stress relief and anxiety management
  • Tools for coping with adrenaline thresholds
  • Understanding personal space and movement restrictions
  • Appreciation and respect for others
  • Group response techniques
  • Team-building exercises and simulations