Corporate Enrichment

Seminars for Business and Organizations
 Shalom College offers a wide range of practical, goal-oriented seminars designed for businesses and organizations. Most of the seminars are suitable for all staff members including sales personnel, management, and customer service and our curriculum can accommodate both large and small groups. In addition, we have a series of seminars specifically designed for management an executive staff, covering topics such as leadership, motivation and negotiation in greater depth. The list below outlines the basis of our Professional Enrichment Seminar selection and any of these programs can be modified to fit the needs or specific requests of a particular client. All seminars focus on experiential and interactive activities and function to enhance the productivity of staff members and enrich the workplace.
  • Team-Building and Bonding through Martial Arts
  • Using Emotional Intelligence as a Tool
  • Understanding and Overcoming Pressure and Stress
  • Creativity and Original Thinking Techniques
  • Interpreting and Understanding Feedback
  • Professional Team Development and Design
  • Body Language as a Professional Tool
  • Development of Strategic Vision
  • Assertiveness: Words and Actions
  • Building Leadership and Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Excellence in Sales: Tools and Technique
  • Becoming a Dangerous Negotiator

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