College SDR Program

Through our strategic partnership with MASA Journey and the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, we offer a special Krav Maga Self-Defense program to colleges and universities across the country. This program combines the exhilarating skills training and self-defense lessons of Israeli Krav Maga in an exciting, encouraging social atmosphere.

There are two formats for this course:

  • All-Day Program: 9:00am to 5:00pm (with lunch, morning and afternoon breaks) – $49  per person
  • Three-Hour Intensity Program: Flexible Hours throughout the day – $29 per person

The College Krav Maga program is designed to replicate the authentic intensity of Krav Maga training and give participants a taste of the world out of which this eclectic form of self-defense was born. In addition to fitness and hand-to-hand combat skills, this program also teaches a series of signature techniques designed for personal defense against a variety of weapons.

Our goal with this course, as with all of our Krav Maga Programs, is to deliver vital, valuable personal defense training in an exciting, encouraging environment. Krav Maga teaches individuals how to identify and refine their natural reflexes and does not require participants to be in peak physical condition in order to learn. Our hope is, however, that the experience will encourage the kind of physical and mental awareness that leads to a pattern of healthy habits and lifestyle choices. This is more than self-improvement, it is personal empowerment!

Contact international@dror-shalom.com today to bring Krav Maga Israel to your campus!