Security Guards/Officer Training

From the office to the corner store to your own home, security and peace of mind define the quality of the lives we lead. At the core of any security system is a team of individuals whose training and skills maintain the order and stability required to run a business or protect a home. Our Security Guard Training Program prepares individuals with the skills necessary to maintain the vigilance required to protect the property entrusted to their care.

Beyond the mental and physical training required to maintain a vigilant watch, our training program ensures that the appearance of security is backed up by the skills to deal with real-world threats. Through Shalom College’s innovative Self-Defense Reflex (SDR) system, individuals participating in the Security Guard Training Program will be taught not only how to identify and size up potential threats, but also make use of whatever tools that are available to physically protect themselves and those under their care. The SDR system utilizes the devastatingly effective self-defense practice of Krav Maga to train both the body and mind of and individual to adapt and react reliably in a confrontation.

Upon completion of our program, our graduates join a refined breed of professional security personnel with valuable experience and a refined skill set.