Program Components

Krav Maga Training: During the Krav Maga Israel MASA Program, Krav Maga training is held 2 days a week, 6 hours per day. Our qualified and professional trainers give individual attention to each and every participant, ensuring that you achieve your highest level of ability. Our Krav Maga courses are based upon the use of the natural reflexes of the body. Every single person has these natural reflexes, no matter their age or level of physical fitness, therefore anyone can participate in our training. We teach you how to recognize these reflexes, strengthen them and utilize them for self defense.

Ulpan: Ulpan studies take place for 3 hours a day twice a week. While the Krav Maga Israel programming is conducted in English, it is hugely beneficial to study Hebrew while you are here.  It will help you become more independent in Israel and give you the ability to connect with Israelis more easily.  If you are coming to the program with some Hebrew ability already, do not worry.  There are classes available for all levels, and a placement test is given upon arrival to the program.

Trips: Trips give you the opportunity to further explore each part of Israel.  One day a week is devoted to field trips and tours throughout Israel, with many extending into overnights or weekend trips. During the trips you will learn about Israeli culture and history and meet Israelis of all different backgrounds.  Because the program spans five months, it will be easy to see a significant portion of the country and what it has to offer, and you will also be able to return to some areas to see even more.  Some of the main areas that will be focused on will be Jerusalem, The Golan and Galilee, The Negev Desert (Be’er Sheva), Tel Aviv, and famous historical sites such as Masada.  If the trip extends into an overnight or weekend trip, accommodation and meals will be provided.  All traveling will be done through private buses hired by Krav Maga Israel, and there will be a security guard and medic on staff at all times.

Volunteering: Two days a week, six hours per day are devoted to volunteering projects.You will have the opportunity to meet Israelis whom are less fortunate and connect to the Jewish value of “tikun olam,” or repairing the world.  There are many different volunteering opportunities to choose from, such as work in schools, soup kitchens, food pantries, and nursing homes.

Seminars & Lectures: 2-4 hours a week are devoted to seminars and lectures.

You will get an in depth view into Israeli history and culture, Zionism, and advocacy for Israel, among other related topics.  Seminars will be conducted by experts in these fields.  No two seminars will be alike.  Each will cover information that details important aspects of Israeli history and its current existence. Seminars will be conducted in a fun and interactive way.  For example, one Israeli history seminar will cover the establishment and need for the State of Israel by the Jews, and another will cover the various large waves of immigration to Israel throughout the history of the country.  In these seminars you will learn applicable advocacy tools that can be used throughout your life.

Culture Immersion: 2-4 hours a week are devoted to culture immersion activities. We would like you to have the “full” Israeli experience.  In addition to trips and seminars, you will meet with Israelis from all different backgrounds including Ethiopians, Russians, Moroccans, Yemenites, North Americans, and many more.  You will also meet peers from around the world with similar interests.  Immerse yourself in a culture as varied as the people themselves, broaden your perspective, and have life-changing experiences that will last a lifetime.