Womens Self-Defense

In this day and age, anyone can become a target for crime. Fortunately, there are tools and techniques that can both prevent a woman from being singled out as an easy target and can help women to identify their natural advantages in a confrontation and not become a victim. The Women’s Self-Defense Course offered by Shalom College offers women the opportunity not only to train in an environment where they can focus on the vulnerabilities and, more importantly, the advantages of their physical abilities in a confrontation. We explore the social as well as the physical elements that set the scene for an attempted assault and consider the kinds of behaviors and situations that need to be avoided or if necessary, escaped from.

The practice of Krav Maga provides the perfect tool set for women to use in the event of a physical altercation. The Self-Defense Reflex technique developed by Grand Master Dror Shalom of Shalom College helps users identify their natural reflexes in a dangerous situation and refine those reactions so that the body is ready to defend itself whether your mind has been thinking about it or not. Krav Maga operates on an understanding of the weak points of the human body and does not require practitioners to be physically strong or maintain a combat mentality. It also helps individuals understand their own vulnerabilities and prepares the user with the skills to identify the difference between a “fight” scenario and the vastly-preferred “flight” scenario.

Most physical confrontations are crimes of opportunity, but this can still leave the victim with a feeling of helplessness and fear. Through the tools, techniques and training of the Shalom College Women’s Self-Defense course, you can study and understand how your mind and body respond to fear and learn to operate with peak clarity in moments of extreme stress. The bedrock of all of the programs offered by Shalom College is confidence through self-awareness. Throughout the different stages of identifying threatening situations, analyzing potential aggressors, defending against an attack and analysis of actions in hindsight, the goal of this training is a sharp awareness of oneself, one’s surroundings and of others. These skills alone will go a long way towards preventing an assault and protecting your safety and the safety of those around you.

We make sure that our womens self defense program is taught in an enjoying, non threatening atmosphere. Our program offered is a gainful experience appropriate for women of all ages and sizes. The women whom participate in our program gain the skills needed to deal with unwanted confrontations and more importantly gain the self confidence crucial while coming in contact with the world around them.