Elementary and High School Programs

The Purpose of these Workshops:

Self-Defense Reflex (SDR) is a comprehensive self-defense program that seeks to develop confidence and self-awareness among youth while encouraging good fitness habits for life.

Program Overview:

The SDR program is la unique self-defense curriculum designed specifically for elementary-aged students and adolescents. The program combines self-defense techniques with traditional and modern martial arts which together provide a strong foundation for the theoretical enrichment program. This enrichment component focuses on impulse control, observation and communication skills, patience and respect for others.

Part of what Self Defense Reflex seeks to do is deliver an element of values-based instruction rooted in a physical practice that teaches self-reflection and discipline. Teachers, parents and administrators have expressed their distress that the teaching of values and respect has been dissolving beneath the increasing pressure for quantifiable results visible in the teaching of mathematics, science and history. While these are, without a doubt, critical tools for students to master, SDR is designed to compliment an academic curriculum and give children the opportunity to discover themselves and their environment through training in physical, social and mental discipline.


  • Training programs for schools are priced per students on a sliding scale based on the length of the program.
  • Self-Defense Reflex programs can be run in an after-school capacity or integrated into an existing Physical Education curriculum.
  • Program contracts must satisfy a minimum total order of $5000 and a 15% deposit is required when the contract is signed in order to book the instructors for the desired time-frame.
  • Example Program prices:
    • 2-hour “Krav Maga Krash Kourse” – $19 per student
    • 3-Meeting Intro Course (includes Basic Weapon Training) – $49 per student
    • 8-Meeting Krav Maga Program – $69 per student
    • 32-Week Academic Year Integrated Program – $199 per student

Our Programming Team will work with you to design a program based on the needs and interests of your student population and your desired time frame. Feel free to contact us at international@dror-shaom.com to talk about what Krav Maga Israel can do for you!

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