VIP Protection

In today’s world, investing in personal security has become a necessity for politicians, executives and other high profile individuals. These individuals often face prolonged exposure to external threats during which time skilled, consummate professionals are required to ensure their safety and well being. Our VIP Security program offers elite training for bodyguards, advanced teams and security escorts. In contrast to other personal security training, our program utilizes advanced training in Krav Maga, the devastatingly effective Israeli self-defense system. Krav Maga teaches users to identify and refine their natural reflexes to allow for lightning-fast reactions in the event of a confrontation. This training enhances the ability of practitioners to filter out potential threats in a high-pressure environment when levels of stress and sensory input are high.

We guarantee a highly professional learning environment to all our participants. In addition to theoretical instruction in controlled environments, we also conduct simulations to help nest skills within the context of real-time scenarios. Upon completion of our program, our graduates join a refined breed of professional security personnel with valuable experience and a refined skill set.

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