Bus Driver SDR

Whether working for a private charter line or serving as a public transit driver, working as a professional bus driver carries with it a significant responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of passengers. As a result, the Bus Driver Self-Defense program created by Shalom College is a proven system of physical and mental training designed to improve the safety of drivers and combat stress and anxiety in this unique workplace. By teaching individuals to identify and refine their individual strengths and capitalize on their familiarity with their own vehicle, this program helps drivers replace uncertainty with security. The Israeli practice of Krav Maga is a martial arts system designed to face the realities of the world we live in and be utilized anywhere from an open space like a street to a confined space such as a car, bus or airplane.

 Syllabus for example training program:

Session 1 – Ready

-Cognitive preparation in case of danger or attack.

-Identifying signs of aggression from passengers

-Preparing contingency plans for different kinds of attacks

  • Attacks from outside the bus
  • Attacks from inside the bus
  • Dealing with verbal threats while driving

-Dealing with prolonged tension on the job

Session 2 – Grappling

-Open hand grabs, holds and chokes used in the confined space of a vehicle

-Recovery and escape from a violent attack

 Session 3 – Use of Tools

-Defending against guns, knives and sticks in a vehicle

-How to neutralize an armed attacker without injuring them further

Training Course Includes :

  • Combination of theoretical and physical training
  • Practicing techniques in and out of a vehicle
  • Simulations of real situations
  • Flexible program syllabus

o       Choose between compact (1 lesson – 3hr) and advanced (3 lessons – 9hr)