About Krav Maga Israel

Krav Maga Israel is the brand name for the international projects carried out by Shalom College. It includes the many self-defense courses, martial arts training and certification classes and special educational programs that we offer worldwide.

Shalom College was founded in 1993 by Grand Master Dror Shalom. Our goal is to enhance the health, safety and confidence of participants of all ages and to help reduce violence rates in Israel and around the world through the self-defense practice of Krav Maga. The centerpiece of our operations in Israel is our Self-Defense Reflex program, a Krav Maga self-defense system created by Shalom College to combat youth violence in schools across Israel. Over the years, this program has been adapted to teach self-defense in a variety of educational, professional and security environments. We also offer a series of corporate enrichment seminars focusing on team-building, assertiveness and confidence-building.

The instructors at Shalom College come from a variety of different backgrounds and each bring a unique skill set to their training sessions. Check out our Instructor Profiles pages to get to know our staff and meet the individuals you’ll be working with. Our instructors have personally trained under Sensei Shalom and represent the very highest caliber of Krav Maga professionals.

Besides our overseas options we also have a unique Krav Maga Israel MASA Program, a five-month immersive training course sponsored by MASA Journey which is available to young adults who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Krav Maga as well as experience the country where Krav Maga originated.

All of our programs are described in detail here on the website and if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us!