Krav Maga Israel
Best self defense system. PERIOD!

Our Training Courses

Krav Maga Israel is lead by world class professionals certified instructors
Go to Counter-Terrorism


Our Counter-Terrorism program is designed for field agents responsible for the security of high-value individuals or places. We offer special training

Go to Corporates & Cummunity

Corporates & Cummunity

Practical, goal-oriented seminars designed for businesses and organizations. Most of the seminars are suitable for all staff members in both large and small groups.

Go to Elementary & High School

Elementary & High School

Self-Defense Reflex (SDR) is a comprehensive self-defense program that seeks to develop confidence and self-awareness among youth while encouraging good fitness habits for life.

Go to Womens Self-Defense

Womens Self-Defense

Train in an environment where women can focus on the vulnerabilities and, more importantly, the advantages of their physical abilities in a confrontation. We explore the social & physical elements that set the scene for an attempted assault.

Top Clients

Masa Program
Ministery of Education
Bar Ilan University
Israeli Police
The Jewish Agency For Israel
Kinneret College
Ministry of Health
Center for Academic Studies
Ministry for Social Equality
Academic Center Wizo Haifa
Magen David Adom
Ministry of Defense

Why Krav Maga

Developed in the IDF and is the best self defense system you can imagine
Learn to defend yourself

Our streets are full of dangers, maggers, robbers, rapists, terror threats. People are attacked unexpectedly. When that happens to you, you'd better be prepared.

  • Sharpen your reflexes

  • Best system

  • Never be afraid

Our Team Leaders

All team members are proffesionals certified instrurctors

Dr. Dror Shalom

(Grand Master) Founder, Certified instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Lee Shalom

Director of Overseas Management
Telephone: 786-707-9181

Gomeh Saias

Marketing Director
Telephone: 786-923-7857

Adi Shalom

Program Developer

Avi Gabso

Lead Instructor

David Ben Sadon

Lead Instructor


Lead Instructor


Served with the Golani unit of the IDF Special Forces


Mixed Martial Arts and Luta-Livre


served four years in the army and worked as an IDF instructor in Krav Maga

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